We were on a break?

Okay okay, taking a break from my blog for 6 months isn't the same as Ross cheating on Rachel but I did feel bad I stopped posting. So where have I been? Literally no where. I just stopped posting because I wanted to put my work and study first but also because I began to feel a little self conscious. I am not a model, I can not pose for the life of me, and going through 100 photos only to find 5 good ones can be very depressing. I guess I'm back because I am trying not to care. I just want to go back to the beginning and focus on the fashion.

To bring it back to Friends, I decided that for my comeback outfit I would channel the queen of fashion herself, Rachel Green.

Jumper - HM

Shorts - Wangler

Belt - Gucci

Necklace - Seed

Ring & Bangle - Georg Jensen

#denim #green #shorts #jumper #rachel #friends #jewellry #back

with love, annabelle