Last Days Of Spring

It has been a couple of months since my last post. In between studying a double degree and working two jobs it becomes somewhat difficult to find time for my other passions. In the last few weeks of spring I can finally see the sweet arrival of summer in sight.

My style is constantly evolving. I find myself experimenting with different silhouettes, styles and patterns. Taking a risk, especially in fashion can be daunting and at times embarrassing. Being different can be scary, but for me, dressing like everyone else is worse. An all black outfit can be empowering for some, I however, feel dull without colour. Physically, my average physique and hair makes me blend in to the crowd, so I try to use my style to express who I am.

This outfit has been by far my favourite this spring. These pants have been worn on average three days a week since first purchasing them from Mara Hoffman back in September. The quality and comfort makes me never want to take these off my body. I have an irrational fear that I will accidentally ruin them, so the temptation to buy a second pair before they sell out has been something I have had to hold myself back from. Mara Hoffman excels at designing unique swimwear and clothing, she often uses the same style with different patterns in her collections.

As the culottes are such a statement piece, I style them with a plain t-shirt to keep in casual. Usually I struggle to find slogan t-shirts that I like however the navy colour, font style and cheeky FCUK logo caught my attention. I found this French Connection shirt in the men's department and cut it into a crop to suit my style. Men's t-shirts have a boxy fit that I struggle to find in the women's department.

I often keep my jewellery minimal and go through phases of forgetting to wear it all together. Recently I have reignited my love of earrings. As I usually style my hair in a high ponytail to hide my often dirty hair, I have found a subtle tassel earring can express that you have actually tried even if you haven't.

Lastly, I finish the outfit off with a pair on my metallic green Birkenstocks. I have three pairs of the Arizona style that I alternate for each outfit and have officially become a middle-aged soccer mum because of how often I wear these shoes. Once you have walked in the shoes you will never go back.

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with love, annabelle