Denim On Denim

August 22, 2017

Freezing in the morning and boiling in the day. The transitional weather makes it almost impossible to decide what to wear. When in doubt I always pull out my denim skirts because it is the perfect go to when I don't know what to wear. I recently picked up this dark wash mini skirt from Glassons. Not only are they cheap but they come in 6 different shades of denim. Perfect for spring/summer. I paired it with a denim jacket that I picked up at TK Maxx. Together they make up the perfect mix of cool casual, but also I look borderline like I am ready for a hoedown at anytime.


The outfit goes with almost every t-shirt you could think of. I picked up this one off the top of my drawer but the best thing about denim is that it goes with every colour. The sunglasses are from ASOS, which I know I wear way too often but they honestly go with every single outfit. 









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with love, annabelle

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