Inside The Wardrobe

Everyone has their own wardrobe and not one of them is the same. That dress you wore on that special date or your favourite shirt you wore on the first day of university. Each piece is special because it carries a memory but also reflects who you were in that stage of life. Maybe that thought process is too much for some people to relate with because clothes are just clothes. Whether you like it or not your wardrobe is a reflection of who you are. Being a nosy person I love seeing inside different people's wardrobes because each piece of clothing tells a story, so I decided I would do a series on my blog going through my friends wardrobes, but I thought I would kick it off with my own.

Describe your style.

My style is constantly evolving but the core foundation of my clothes is comfort. I would like to think of my style as timeless with a twist. My wardrobe consists of blue, white, green and denim which I wear all year round regardless of 'seasonal trend' colours.

What are 3 items of clothing/accessories would you save in a fire?

The three things would have to be my dinosaur Coach clutch which I featured in a previous post. My white Zimmerman Dress because it is absolutely timeless and my Camilla skirt because of it is perfect for any summer day.

What is your go to day to day attire?

My day to day attire usually consist of a piece of denim and a something navy. In winter my go to is my my navy long sleeve shirt and my denim overalls. In summer my go to is my denim skirt with a white or navy singlet.

What is the most memorable piece in your wardrobe?

I have so many rings in my jewellery collection that mean a lot to me but this is probably the most meaningful because my dad gave this ring to my mum on the day I was born. I am not usually a gold girl but the colour of the sapphire is one of my favourite colours, so I can look past it.

What is something you never wear but cant get rid of?

My formal dress is one of my favourite things I have ever worn. Unfortunately I don't get the chance to a gown everyday but that doesn't mean this piece is going to be leaving my wardrobe anytime soon.

What would you wear on a first date?

It would either have to be my new Topshop dress or my green Realisation Par dress. They are both flirty, feminine and comfortable. Not to mention they can both be worn casually and dressed up which is perfect if you are unsure of what kind of date it is.

What is the newest edition to your wardrobe?

I recently made my first order with Free People and bought a jumpsuit, summer co-ord and green singlet.

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with love, annabelle