Online Shopping Tips From A Self Proclaimed Shopping Addict

July 19, 2017

I am a self proclaimed online shopping expert. Most people spend their spare time reading a book or watching television, I however am constantly scrolling through online stores aimlessly looking for inspiration to strike. When I say constantly I mean constantly, every single time I open my laptop, I check social media, emails and then ASOS new arrivals in that exact order. 


I do admit that I am constantly learning when it comes to fashion and my style is still evolving. I am struggling between wanting everything and opting for the cheaper options or wanting good quality pieces that will last me a lifetime. So I have set myself a rule: Spend more of staples and less on trends. However in saying that, keep in mind everyones staple items are different. Some people have the little black dress while I have the little navy dress. Some people have a leather jacket while I have my denim jacket. Those pieces that you reach for year after year, I like to refer to as my forever pieces, these are your staples. Trends are here one day and gone the next, so instead of buying that designer gingham dress, go for a high street option, chance are you won't be pulling it out in two years from now. 



Okay this may sound stupid because you can't try on something off the internet unless you actually buy it, but here me out. Buy what you know will suit you. I have bought things in the past that are non-returnable because I thought they would be amazing, and they were, just not for my body type. If you are unsure if that jumpsuit is going to fit right then either try it on (or something similar) in store or make sure you can return it. There is nothing worse then seeing clothes hanging in your wardrobe with tags still on, taunting you about the money you could have had. 



And no I am not talking about online forum reviews because the only people who ever write those are people who have had a bad experience. Online shopping can often feel a little dodgy, especially if you have never ordered on that particular site before. My biggest suggestion is to ask your friends about their experiences because that will be the most useful information you will get. If no one you know has ordered off the website my next tip would be to go to youtube for help. There are so many bloody youtubers (like bloggers...) these days that by typing in *Online store name* Haul, you are are guaranteed to find at least one person talking about their experience with the store. 



This is the most important step for me when looking at a product. It is a fact that people are more likely to buy a product in store if they like the feel of it, which is impossible to do online so my tip is to alway check the material. I know what fabric I like to wear and what feels most comfortable, and everyone is different in this situation. I look for materials like cotton, linen or cotton blend for better quality products. These materials are natural and therefore more breathable and in my experience last longer.  Viscose and polyester are man made fabrics which I try to avoid because they are often feel cheap and are cheaply made in high street stores. 



Biggest benefit of shopping online is that impulse buying isn't a thing (unless of sales and almost sold out products). What I like to do is do a scan of the whole site and find the things I like and then save them to your 'wishlist' (Or bookmark them). If you still like them in a few days then you know it is a good idea to buy it. 



That's all. 







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with love, annabelle

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