Fave Handbags

Handbags are really just used to hold things in, but lets be honest, they are so much more than that. They are the icing on top of an outfit. They are practical and useful, so why not buy way more of them then you will actually ever need in a life time?

This bag has been all over my Instagram feed. I have to admit that this bag has been given mixed reviews but I personally love it and it seems every second blogger has it. Most of the bloggers I follow live in the northern hemisphere which means their summer is currently in full swing and this bag is the best summer accessory. I'm almost certain this bag will be my best friend next summer. This was given to me as a present from Bali however there is an identical one here.

It's almost sad to admit I have this bag on display in my room. It happens to be my all time favourite clutch. This limited edition Coach clutch was bought in New York on a trip I went on over New Years at the beginning of this year. The best part would have to be my initials that were embossed on the tag hanging off the handle. I am a sucker for anything personalised.

The Cambridge Satchel Company are famous for their leather satchels, obviously it's in the bloody title, and ever since I saw one in Covent Garden when I was 17 I was in love. Christmas a few years ago I got this under the tree and I still love it just as much to this day. The pale blue colour is perfect for summer with an all white outfit or perfect for winter paired with navy.

This is my go to bag and is also the most complemented bag I own. The blue hair down the middle is always a point of convocation. I honestly use this bag everyday and is perfect with every outfit (even if it isn't, I still wear it). It was from a brand called Mooi and is quite popular in gift shops, I would know, I work in one. I think the uniqueness of these bags are what make them so eye catching.

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with love, annabelle