Crisp White Overalls

Okay I realise my last post was also me wearing overalls and stripes but I honestly can't get enough. I like to think of my style as dressing like a giant toddler but it's hard not to when overalls are the perfect mix of style and comfort.

I recently bought these overalls from Mango and my favourite thing about these are that they aren't denim. The casual cotton in crisp white makes the light blue and white shirt stand out. The shirt is from country road last year, it is often better to invest a little more money into basics as they last longer and are made from better quality material. Long sleeve t-shirts paired under a pair of overalls or a pinafore is my perfect winter outfit for Brisbane.

These sunglasses are from ASOS (Similar) and they were only $24. I will tell anyone who will listen that spending too much money on sunglasses is a waste because if they are like me there glasses with always end up broken or lost.

#overalls #white #blue #casual #summer

with love, annabelle