Wardrobe Re-Boot

Last winter I was lacking in the boot department, so this winter I was on a mission to fill in that much needed space in my wardrobe. But of course I could not just buy 1 or 2 pairs. Instead I went overboard and before I knew it I had a small collection.

My green Gorman boots were love at first sight. Of course that sounds very melodramatic. But it does feed into my current green obsession that had been very prevalent on my blog so far, which counteracts the title of my blog. I promise there will be a lot more blue to come.

The black boot is a staple for most people, however for me that comes in the form on my tan Jo Mercer boots. They go with everything and anything I have or will have, which is why I have already styled them in my last two posts. Dressed up or down these shoes are very on trend. There are so many of these shoes around at the moment, it took me very long to find the perfect ones, and these made the cut.

Ever since I remember I have had a pair of knee high boots. I remember Mum buying me red ones when I was about 4, probably because of her obsession with footloose, but I didn't know that at the time and I wore those beauties until I could no longer squeeze my little child feet into them. These shoes are my more mature version, my knee high Jo Mercer boots. Yes another pair of Jo mercer boot, but I couldn't go past their buy one and get 50% off the second pair deal.

I said I would have more Blue and I am about to deliver with not one but two pair of Navy boots because one just wasn't enough to feed my compulsive shopping disorder. My first pair of Navy boots from Mida's Shoes were kindly bought to me has a gift from my auntie, she had them in tan and claimed they were the most comfortable boots she had worn. She wasn't wrong.

Lastly my navy sock boots from H&M. When I buy clothing or shoes that I would consider a 'trend', I will often by a cheaper alternative. These shoes are everywhere at the moment but I wasn't too sure on weather it was worth selling my soul, so instead I went for the cheap option and couldn't be happier.

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with love, annabelle