Why Did I Start A Blog?

Why did I feel the need to start a blog? There are thousands of fashion/travel bloggers trying to make it in this industry in the hopes to turn it into a career, so why do I think I am different? The answer in short; I don't.

To me, there is no aim to make this into anything more than a hobby. I am starting this as a sort of portfolio of my work and my interests for future employers, mainly because I realise how cut throat the fashion industry is.

Like many young adults in university, I have struggled with direction. I have felt pressure to get a good and 'stable' job. We are constantly told to follow our dreams and to be whatever we want to be, until we actually want to do it that is.

Many people around me see a career in fashion as farfetched. So naturally, I did the 'smart' thing and went into a degree for Business and Creative Industries at QUT, majoring in Advertising and Media Communications. I have 18 months left of my degree and it got me thinking - where do I want to be in 3 years? 5 years? 10 years? My career will take up majority of my life and I don't want to be stuck at a desk for 40 years doing something I am not 100% passionate about. If I don't do what I want to do now then when will I? There is only a sliver of a persons life when they can make mistakes and take big risks without having to worry about anyone else but themselves, and that for me is right now.

Putting myself out there like this makes me feel vulnerable. Human nature makes me feel conscious about what people will think. Will they laugh, or judge, or enjoy what I create? I have doubts about myself and my ability to execute this blog to meet my vision. I have doubts that my style is even stylish or that my writing is even engaging. There are so many doubts, but regardless I'm going to try because if I don't, I will regret it.

#blog #future

with love, annabelle